"Neal Verfuerth is a true leader of innovation who combines the best of environmental stewardship and capitalism to achieve solutions once thought impossible."


Snippet from the book

"Conquering Innovation Fatigue" by Jeff Lindsay


An industry leader, Neal has always strived to deliver a unique value proposition to his customers through great projects.





Revolutionizing the LED lighting market


Welcome to energybank, where we proudly design, manufacture and integrate LED Done Right®.


energybank was founded by one of the nation's top 500 inventors, Neal R. Verfuerth, who is listed as the inventor on numerous US patents and citations in the areas of lighting, controls and daylighting technology.


Incorporated in 2012, energybank is founded on 30+ years of industry experience including product innovation, US-based advanced manufacturing, and project implementation with the simple mission of LED Done Right®.


At energybank, we are shaping the future narrative of the illumination industry with bold, industry-leading LED designs and proprietary innovations.


With our purpose-driven product strategy, we thought about your needs and innovated a superior technology that is designed with proven elements for maximum visual comfort, easy installation, zero maintenance, minimum entry points and heightened aesthetics. energybank's designs will always prioritize the optimization of the light engine as a system that delivers maximum foot-candles without compromising performance or longevity


Our diverse product line is designed and manufactured right here in the USA featuring industry-leading components, advanced thermal management, transient voltage protection and proprietary optics to deliver superior quality light where you need it. We will always provide you with the best illumination solution for your application using our technology agnostic, product specific approach.


Our world-class team of industry veterans share a vision and dedication to delivering value to your bottom line.


We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.


Why LED Done Right?


Given the revolutionary transformation from legacy lighting to Solid State LED, Neal began researching market opportunities with the goal of identifying a primary target market and quality LED product that would service those markets. The original company strategy was to source, integrate and finance finished good products offered by a multitude of existing vendors.


A facility was leased to facilitate the real-world testing protocols adopted to assess the overall performance claims made by the various manufacturers. The empirical data collected during the tests was in conflict with an overwhelming number of the claims and representations made on the product specification sheets. Of particular concern were the strongly inferred caveats (often buried in the specification or warranty footnotes) that the product would not actually perform and/or last as long as promised when operated in the intended end-user application. To prevent jeopardizing his company’s reputation, he innovated a better way. Neal determined that energybank would need to manufacture its own product with the simple mission of LED Done Right®.


energybank invested two years and millions of dollars in product development before introducing a homerun commercial/industrial LED product suite that provides superior distributed illumination.


Unlike the competition, energybank technology is designed to control/focus light energy with proprietary optics, then allow the air molecules and airborne particulate matter to diffuse the photon packet uniformly to the work plane while providing a superior VCP Visual Comfort Probability as perceived by customer in the zonal cavity.


Valuing the benefits of quality control, small batch control, and nimbleness in product design, energybank established in-house manufacturing operations. In lieu of outsourcing production, energybank invested in advanced, high-tech Trumpf metal fabrication equipment to get the job done right.


Innovation is a hallmark of energybank, powering its distinctiveness and growth.  energybank is continually researching and developing advanced methods for increasing quality illumination while reducing energy input and managing heat output to achieve new standards in component longevity.


FOUNDER & CEO Neal Verfuerth




Board of Directors

Maximize facility operation

Minimize total cost of ownership

your team and your facility:



Quality Illumination increases visual acuity and perception for:


    • increased quality control

    • increased productivity

    • increased safety

    • enhanced employee morale


Great things are achieved under the quality light provided by energybank fixtures. We've made it simple for you to have the best. Simple to purchase. Simple to install. Simply no maintenance. All with a 10-year hassle-free warranty. It's just that simple.


We understand that you are all about the best for your company. You and your employees and your customers will love the updated look and feel and performance of new energybank luminaires. Light affects life, choose wisely. Choose energybank.


Upgraded lighting in commercial and industrial buildings can be worth far more than its weight in gold.


"We all to often forget that light is for seeing. That's a simple but important point, because the advanced technology that results in more lighting-energy efficiency can also lead to more human-energy efficiency: When people can see better, they can perform visual tasks faster and with far fewer errors. That translates directly to this kind of enhanced productivity: In a commercial or industrial situation involving, say, 250 people, just a 2% productivity gain could easily be worth $300,000 - $500,000 or more annually, and that's on top of the value of energy and demand savings."


John Bachner, Executive Director,  National Lighting Bureau




LED Done Right®


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Simply a better LED lighting system than anything else on the market.



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